Ornithologists, collectors and taxidermists

This page is a tribute to the ornithologists, collectors and taxidermists who dedicated their lives to the study of birds, risking and facing many adversities in the field to produce much of the existing knowledge about birds in Brazil.

Emilie Snethlage (In memoriam)

Foto: Bárbara Yngvesson

Photo: Unknown author

Obituary and bibliography


Emilie Snethlage (1868-1929): A German naturalist in the Amazon

Emilie Snethlage (1868-1929): Heroism as a Strategy for the Legitimation of Science

Personalities of Brazilian Zoology: Emilie Snethlage

Life and Legacy of Dra. Emilie Snethlage

Honored in the description of the species Madeira Parakeet (Pyrrhura snethlageae)
Tiriba-do-madeira (Pyrrhura snethlageae)

Bianca Reinert (In memoriam)

Rescue work of São Paulo Antwren in 2005.

Bianca Reinert – Bicudinho-do-brejo/Parana Antwren (Formicivora acutirostris)

Yoshika Oniki

Photo: Unknown author (

Interview with Dr. Edwin O. Willis and Dr. Yoshika Oniki

Yoshika Oniki-Willis: first Brazilian woman to describe a new species of bird.

The contributions of Edwin Willis and Yoshika Oniki to the natural history and conservation of Brazilian birds

Elizabeth Höfling

Photo: Unknown author.

Elizabeth Höfling – Lattes Summary

Brazilian Biomes – Urban Environments

Cristina Yumi Miyaki


Cristina Miyaki – Atlantic Forest Dimensions of Biodiversity

Cristina Miyaki – USP

The importance of interdisciplinarity in Biology studies – UNILA

Lenir Alda do Rosário

Lenir Alda do Rosário

Lenir Alda do Rosário: um breve relato da minha introdução na ornitologia catarinense

Aves de Santa Catarina – Banco de dados da avifauna catarinense

Carla Suertegaray Fontana

Carla – Resumo do Lattes

Inês de Lima Serrano
Inês – Resumo do Lattes

Sônia Aline Roda

Foto: internet

Sônia – Resumo do Lattes

Regina Macedo

Foto: internet

Regina – Resumo do Lattes
Laboratório de Comportamento Animal

Martha Argel

Foto: internet

Martha – Site pessoal

Helmut Sick (In memoriam)

Foto: Atualidades Ornitológicas

Photo: Atualidades Ornitológicas

Helmut Sick



Helmut Sick: half a century of dedication to Brazilian ornithology

Sick was arrested at 42


The loss of the master – Dr. Helmut Sick

Helmut Sick – The ornithologist and his work

Honored in the description of the species Orange-bellied Antwren (Terenura sicki)
Zidedê-do-nordeste (Terenura sicki)

Johann Natterer (In memoriam)

Image: Unknown author


Johann Natterer (1787-1843): major naturalist in Brazil

Johann Natterer’s ethnographic collection and the representation policy of the Vienna Ethnological Museum: on the limits of museological discourse

Brazilian bird species described in honor of Johann Nattere

Cinnamon-throated Hermit (Phaethornis nattereri)

Tawny-tufted Toucanet (Selenidera nattereri)

Speckle-breasted Antpitta (Hylopezus nattereri)

Snow-capped Manakin (Lepidothrix nattereri)

Ochre-breasted Pipit (Anthus nattereri)

Rolf Grantsau (In memoriam)


Rolf working at the Museum of Zoology, USP, 09 June 2006

Rolf Grantsau




Rolf Grantsau and the hummingbirds (Avistar Conecta)

Honored in the description of the species Sincora Antwren (Formicivora grantsaui)
Papa-formiga-do-sincorá (Formicivora grantsaui)

Ernst Garbe e Walter Garbe (In memoriam)

Ernst Garbe. Photo: B. Kloss

Walter Garbe. Foto: Autor desconhecido

Brief chronology of Ernst Garbe and his son, Walter Garbe

Garbe Expedition: Father & Son

Edwin O. Willis (In memoriam)


Lecture at the bird watching course of DEPAVE-3, Ibirapuera Park, São Paulo, 25 October 2007

Obituary 1
Obituary 2

The contributions of Edwin Willis and Yoshika Oniki to the natural history and conservation of Brazilian birds

Honored in the description of the genus of the species Common Scale-backed Antbird (Willisornis poecilinotus) and Xingu Scale-backed Antbird (Willisornis vidua)
Rendadinho (Willisornis poecilinotus)Rendadinho-do-xingu (Willisornis vidua)

José Hidasi (In memoriam)


Lecture at the XVI Brazilian Congress of Ornithology, Palmas – TO, 01 July 2008


Werner Bokermann (In memoriam)


Photo: Unknown author

Necrology 1
Necrology 2

Video Tribute

Honored in the description of the species Araripe Manakin (Antilophia bokermanni)
Soldadinho-do-araripe (Antilophia bokermanni)

Werner Bokermann “Uma vida de descobertas” Lançamento

Bokermann e a Herpetologia

Bokermann: O legado ornitológico

Habitat da ararinha-azul – por Werner Bokermann (video raro)

Walter Adolfo Voss (In memoriam)

Photo: Laboratório de Ornitologia, PUCRS


Élio Gouvêa (In memoriam)

Photo: Unknown author (

In memory of Élio Gouvêa

Élio Gouvêa

Jacques M. E. Vielliard (In memoriam)

Jacques Vielliard at Unicamp. Photo: Toni Mendes/TG



FNJV – Jacques Vieillard Neotropical Nature Sounds Library

Interview with Prof. Jacques Vielliard

Jacques Marie Edme Vielliard

Jacques Vielliard’s collection of animal sounds is published on the internet

Unicamp has one of the largest collections of animal sounds

Honored in the description of the species Bahian Nighthawk ( Nyctiprogne vielliardi)

Homage to the ornithologist Jacques Vielliard

Frederico Lencioni Neto

Photo: Luiz Madureira

The bird painter, Frederico Lencioni Neto

Featured People – Frederico Lencioni (professor and biologist) – part 1/3

Featured People – Frederico Lencioni (professor and biologist) – part 2/3

Featured People – Frederico Lencioni (professor and biologist) – part 3/3

Pedro Salviano Filho (In memoriam)

Lecture from the municipal program “Caminhar com Saúde” which he conceived in 2004. Photo: TN online

Pedro Salviano Filho – interview

Grief for the death of the surgeon general Pedro Salviano Filho, one of the pioneers of Ivaiporã

Alfonso Maria Olalla (In memoriam)

Photo: G.H.H

Alfonso Maria Olalla, animal collector

Alfonso Olalla and and his family

Emílio Dente (In memoriam)


Photo: Unknown author

Emílio Dente

Honored in the description of the species Roosevelt Stipple-throated Antwren (Epinecrophylla dentei)
Choquinha-do-rio-roosevelt (Epinecrophylla dentei)

Olivério Pinto (In memoriam)

Foto: Unknown author

Photo: Unknown author


Olivério Pinto, the father of Brazilian ornithology

1896-1996: Centenary of Olivério Pinto “the father of Brazilian ornithology”

Interview with Olivério Pinto
Telling him when he got lost in the woods of Espírito Santo.
Interview and recording made by his son in August 1976
File shared by Prof. Luís Fábio Silveira
Archive treated by the researcher Vitor Q. Piacentini

Willian Belton (In memoriam)

Foto: Bárbara Yngvesson

Photo: Bárbara Yngvesson


From diplomacy around the world to RS birds

Songbirds’ Diplomat

The birds of Belton

The American who deciphered the birds of Rio Grande do Sul die

William Belton, Self-Taught Ornithologist, Dies at 95

Honored in the description of the species Tropeiro Seedeater (Sporophila beltoni)
Patativa-tropeira (Sporophila beltoni)

Hermann von Ihering (In Memoriam)

Photo: Unknown author

Photo: Unknown author


Hermann Friedrich Albrecht von Ihering

Hermann von Ihering (1850-1930), the naturalist

Dr. Hermann von Ihering

Brazilian bird species described in honor of Hermann von Ihering

Ihering’s Antwren (Myrmotherula iheringi)

Narrow-billed Antwren (Formicivora iheringi)

Fernando Costa Novaes (In memoriam)

Foto: Bárbara Yngvesson

Photo: Unknown author

Obituary 1
Obituary 2


Honored in the description of the species Alagoas Foliage-gleaner (Philydor novaesi)
Limpa-folha-do-nordeste (Philydor novaesi)

Helmuth Pinder (In memoriam)

Helmuth Pinder, the first bird collector and taxidermist at the Museu Paulista

David C. Oren (In memoriam)



David C. Oren

David C. Oren

Beasts in the Mist

Howling Amazon Monster Just an Indian Legend?

Legendary Giant Sloth Sought by Scientists In Amazon Rain Forest

Homenagem na descrição da espécie choquinha-do-bambu (Myrmotherula oreni)
Choquinha-do-bambu (Myrmotherula oreni)

Note of Condolence
Hélio Ferraz de Almeida Camargo (In memoriam)


Photo: Unknown author


Death note

Manifestation of Dr. Hélio Ferraz de Almeida Camargo in the celebrations of 10 years of the CEO – Center for Ornithological Studies (São Paulo, Brazil)

Eurico de Oliveira Santos (In memoriam)

Photo: Unknown author

The great promoter Eurico Santos

A bio-bibliographic view of Eurico Santos: disseminator of Brazilian nature

Eurico Santos, promoter of the Brazilian nature

Pedro Scherer Neto

Photo: Atualidades Ornitológicas 1992

Pedro Scherer

Birds of Paraná: 25 years. A tribute to Pedro Scherer Neto – 2005


Meet one of the pioneers of contemporary Brazilian ornithology – 2019

Interview with Pedro Scherer Neto – 2018

An interview with Pedro Scherer Neto – 1992


Drop the verb for conservation units – Pedro Scherer Neto – 2009

Roberto Brandão Cavalcanti

Image: internet

Cavalcanti – Resumo Lattes

Interview with Roberto Brandão Cavalcanti

Paulo de Tarso Zuquim Antas


Paulo Antas
Paulo Antas

Bird inventory, a fundamental job

What is the importance of the Araguaia UCs for the Orinoco Goose?

Fernando Costa Straube

Photo: Hori Ambiental

Fernando Costa Straube

CFBio grants researcher Fernando Straube the title of Honorary Biologist – 2018

High flight

José Eduardo Simon (In memoriam)

Foto: Autor desconhecido

Simon – Lattes Summary

Simon – nota de falecimento

José Fernando Pacheco

Pacheco talking to Rolf Grantsau at AVISTAR 2007 – SP

Interview with José Fernando Pacheco – 1999

Honored in the description of the species Planalto Tapaculo (Scytalopus pachecoi)
Tapaculo-ferreirinho (Scytalopus pachecoi)

COA-RJ 30 years (by José Fernando Pacheco)

Avistar Conecta 2021 – Jeremy Minns, Ricardo Parrini and Fernando Pacheco

Bret Whitney

Foto: Paulo César Balduino

Bret Whitney – Field Guides

Bret Whitney Produtions

#DestinosSilvestres Ep04 – O Brasil por um americano e o mundo por um brasileiro

Rio Roosevelt, Brazil

Hooded Visorbearer from NE Brazil by guide Bret Whitney

Visiting with Bret Whitney: Bret’s screech-owl

Jeremy Minns

Jeremy Minns in Serra da Cantareira in 2006. Photo: Avistar 2006

Avistar 2007 – Great lecture by Jeremy Minns on bird calling

Avistar Conecta 2021 – Jeremy Minns, Ricardo Parrini and Fernando Pacheco

He adopted the bike after surgery and rides 70 km a week at 78

Dante Buzzetti

Foto: Adriano Gambarini


Dante Buzzetti and the Bird's Nest (O Eco)

Sharp ear: more than 250 birds identified by song (WWF)

Luiz Antonio Pedreira Gonzaga

Photo: internet

Lecture at the Center for Ornithological Studies – SP
(With a presentation by Hélio Ferraz de Almeida Camargo)

Part 1

Part 2

Honored in the description of the species Boa Nova Tapaculo (Scytalopus gonzagai)

Marcos Bornschein

Fieldwork in Alto Tietê

Marcos Bornschein – Lattes Summary

Marcelo Ferreira de Vasconcelos

Photo: E. Pontes Júnior

Marcelo Vasconcelos – Lattes Summary

Internet Matters
New species of bird is discovered in the mountains of Minas Gerais,228851/nova-especie-de-ave-e-descoberta-nas-montanhas-de-minas-gerais.shtml

nterview: Marcelo Vasconcelos, a true naturalist in the 21st century

Interview: Marcelo Vasconcelos – PUCMG

Marcelo Vasconcelos: Management Plans and Conservation Units

Marcelo Vasconcelos – let’s talk about the Quadrilátero Ferrífero

Marcelo Vasconcelos – 20 years of case study

Marcelo Vasconcelos – the importance of bamboos (taquaruçus) in forest fragments

Marcelo Vasconcelos – the importance of arboreal termite mounds

Marcelo Vasconcelos – natural regeneration in abandoned pasture

Marcelo Vasconcelos – the importance of matayba (Farinha-seca) for the attraction of avifauna

Marcelo Vasconcelos – Pito Canudo (Mabea fistulifera)

Santos D’Angelo Neto (In memoriam)

Image: Dehila Campelo

Santos D’Angelo – Lectures and Tribute (part 1)

Santos D’Angelo – Lectures and Tribute (part 2)

Interview with Santos D´Angelo

Glayson Ariel Bencke

Photo: Ana Carolina –

Glayson Bencke – Lattes Summary

Rio Grande do Sul fauna: extinct and threatened species – Glayson Bencke at Ecodebate

Interview – Glayson Bencke – FZB / RS

Unisinos – 40 years, 40 lives (Glayson Bencke)

Alianza del Pastizal – Pampa sustentável

MP in defense of fauna (interview with Glayson Bencke)

Antonio Pergola (In memoriam)


Professor Antonio Pergola and the MHNPAP ornithological collection

Paulo César Balduíno (PC)

Photo: Revista FAPESP

Entrevista – Revista FAPESP

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